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Poonam jat ex mp kutch and kanji bharya president Gandhidham municipality and others VIPs were opened day night cricket tournament at Gandhidham sports club dated on 26 th June 2018.

Chief Minister Sri Vijaybhai Roopani 's program in Nexus Club Adipur kutch dated on 6/5/2018.

Sree shipping company had arranged felicitation programme for Kandla-Mundra aria’s fire brigade officers and other staffs in Radisson hotel in presence of Poonam Jat Ex.M.R Kutch and K. V. Dhela- retired Chief fire officer, Rajkot Municipal Corporation on 28th April, 2018.

Non political Adikham women's Group were welcomed Smt. Sansriti Virendra Johri on subject of curruption.

Third Meeting Of Binrajkiya Adikham Mahila Group At Baddiya Village Taluka Bhuj Kutch Dated On 16 th April 2018 Subject Of Women's matters.